LACUSPA  History

In 1974, the first organizational meeting was held at the Holiday Inn in Hammond, LA. LACUSPA was developed for the purpose of networking and having an organization that provided for a sharing of knowledge and information on important topics facing Louisiana Student Affairs Officers.

LACUSPA was officially chartered and the first conference was held in 1974 in Alexandria, LA. The first President of LACUSPA was Bob Butler from Southeastern Louisiana University. There were originally 30 to 35 members, mostly Deans of Student Affairs and Vice Presidents of Student Affairs.

Some of the original members include: Charnia Cheatwood, Bob Butler, Arden French, Nick Lassiter, Glen Able, Ellis Guidry, Ken Sweeny, Fred Bossarge, Jimmy Smith, Sparky Foster, Charles McDonald, and S.X. “Zurk” Lewis.


Association Presidents 1974 to Present

1974-1975                   Organized by Bob Butler, Southeastern Louisiana University
1976-1977                   Leon Whittaker, Grambling State University
1977-1978                   E.S. “Sparky” Foster, Louisiana Tech University
1978-1979                   Ken Sweeny, McNeese State University
1979-1980                   Thomas E. Murphy, University of Louisiana – Monroe
1980-1981                   Charnia Cheatwood, Louisiana State University – Alexandria
1981-1982                   Joe Eddie Schroeder, McNeese State University
1982-1983                   Gus Varvaro, McNeese State University
1983-1984                   Dr. Frederick C. Borsage, Northwestern State University
1984-1985                   Louis A. Riviere, McNeese State University
1985-1986                   Nick Lassiter, University of Louisiana – Monroe
1986-1987                   Dwight Boudreaux, Nicholls State University
1987-1988                   Richard Averritt, Louisiana State University, Alexandria
1988-1989                   David L. Walker, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
1989-1990                   Dr. Steve Favors, University of New Orleans
1990-1991                   Charles H. McDonald, University of Louisiana, Monroe
1991-1992                   Dr. Jean O. Hall, Louisiana Tech University
1992-1993                   Dr. Leonard Garrett, Southeastern Louisiana University
1993-1994                   Dr. Kalil Ieyoub, McNeese State University
1994-1995                   Dr. Pamela P. Newman, Northwestern State University
1995-1996                   Dr. Joanne Ferriot, Nicholls State University
1996-1997                   Steven J. Leon, Southeastern Louisiana University
1997-1998                   Dr. Deborah Hebert, Southeastern Louisiana University
1998-1999                   Dr. Jim King, Louisiana Tech University
1999-2000                   Dr. Katherine Sippola, Delgado Community College
2000-2001                   Dr. Dan Seymour, Northwestern State University
2001-2002                   Dr. DeeDee Anderson, Louisiana Tech University
2002-2003                   Dr. Eugene Dial, Nicholls State University
2003-2004                   Dr. Brad O’Hara, Southeastern State University
2004-2005                   Frances Conine, Northeastern State University
2005-2006                   Frances Conine, Northeastern State University
2006-2007                   Shakira Hardison, Grambling State University
2007-2008                   Marjoree Harper, Bossier Parish Community College
2008-2009                   David Gunn, Loyola University - New Orleans
2009-2010                   Dr. Chris Maggio, Northwestern State University
2010-2011                   Dr. Toby Osburn, McNeese State University
2011-2012                   Anthony Jackson, Xavier University of Louisiana
2012-2013                   Dr. Chris Thomas, McNeese State University
2013-2014                   Dawn Miller, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
2014-2015                   Mark Miller, Centenary College
2015-2016                   Alvina C. Thomas, Louisiana Delta Community College

​2016-2017                   Dr. Dale-Ellen O'Neill, Loyola University of New Orleans

​2017-2018                   Michelle Greco, Delgado Community College

2018-2019                   Dr. Kedrick Nicholas, McNeese State University

​2019-2020                  Jeannie Brown, Delgado Community College/ Loyola University of New Orleans

2020-2021                  Jeannie Brown, Loyola University of New Orleans; Ruben Henderson - University of Louisiana at Lafayette

2021-2022                  Ruben Henderson - University of Louisiana at Lafayette

2022-2023                  Ruben Henderson - University of Louisiana at Lafayette