The Louisiana Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators or LACUSPA is an organization dedicated to servicing higher education professionals, students, and associates in the State of Louisiana.  Institutions in neighboring states and other regions of the United States are welcome to attend LACUSPA conferences.

The purposes of the association are as follows:

  • To discuss and study the most effective methods of assisting students in their intellectual, social,moral, and personal development.

  • To provide and stimulate leadership among persons engaged in the administration of student personnel programs.

  • To maintain and improve professional standards in the field of student personnel administration in the State of Louisiana.

  • To serve as a central clearing agency for information pertinent to present or contemplated student personnel programs in Louisiana.

  • To stimulate creative and experimental programs in the student personnel filed field.

  • To promote research in the student personnel work and in related areas.

  • To bring about recognition that many specialized abilities contribute to meeting student needs.

  • To enhance the role of student personnel administrators in higher education.

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Professional membership is open to all student personnel administrators, to those persons employed within the area of student affairs, and to educators who train student personnel workers.

Student membership is open to all matriculated students (undergraduate or graduate) who are interested in student personnel work upon the recommendation of a professional member who are not employed in the area of student affairs.

Associate/Emeritus membership is available to persons formally employed or retired within the area of student affairs or interested in student personnel work upon recommendation of a board member.

**Professional and student members are entitled to vote and run for office as set forth on the constitution.

LACUSPA Constitution & By-Laws